Hurricane Dorian Update: 9/5/19

Last update: 9/5/19 at 12:10 am

Hurricane Dorian is back to being a Category 3 storm, it's about the size of South Carolina, and it's starting to thrash our coast. At this point, it's time to remain inside and prep for power outages, flooding, and other issues.

Here's some information you may need during and after the storm:

  • Pay attention to local media and the National Weather service for the most accurate forecast updates
    • Be careful when looking for info on social media
      • Check dates/times on social media posts as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram tend to post 'popular' posts in your feed that are many hours old.
  • In Charleston, you can connect to 9-1-1 by calling, texting, or going online. You're asked to "CALL if you can, TEXT if you can't, CONNECT if you must at "
    • Only use 9-1-1 for actual emergencies
    • Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch (for non-emergency concerns): 843-743-7200
  • Helpful Phone Numbers
  • Remember - "Turn around, don't drown!" Don't drive through flood waters!
    • SCEMD: "Most Hurricane deaths are the result of drownings. Don't gamble with your life by walking or driving through flood waters."
  • If winds are strong enough, bridge travel may be discouraged. You can learn about Charleston County's High Wind Bridge Procedure here



  • While you have power, keep phones/computers on chargers and keep battery backups charged as well
  • Take screen shots of important info/phone numbers in case you lose power and access to the internet
  • Don't use your phone's "do not disturb" function, so you'll get all emergency alerts

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