Redux, Charleston Arts Festival, & Charleston Magazine to present "Above the Radar"

Redux Contemporary Art Center will present Charleston Arts Festival’s (CAF) "Above the Radar," a group exhibition featuring the work of 16 local artists, whose careers were launched with the CAF’s Under the Radar art competitions in 2006 and 2011.

Acting as the opener of its landmark fourth season, from October 4th through November 2nd, 2019, the Charleston Arts Festival, in collaboration with Charleston magazine, is partnering for a second time with Redux Contemporary Art Center in mounting their exhibition "Above the Radar" as the signature visual arts offering of CAF’s 2019 season.

"Above the Radar" has been conceived to be a revisiting of the creativity of the notable local artists who were selected for inclusion in Charleston’s 2006 and 2011 "Under the Radar" print features and The City Gallery at Waterfront Park exhibitions. Sixteen of the original participating artists will be including their work in "Above the Radar," further demonstrating the breadth of growth in their careers since the presentation of their work at the City Gallery.

Exhibiting artists from the class of 2006: Adrienne Antonson, Townsend Davidson, Kat Hastie Williamson, Alice Keeney, Julie Klaper, Katie Leonard, Karin Olah, Joel Parker, and Shannon Wood.  Featured artists from 2011: Donna Cooper Hurt, Rebecca West Fraser, Nina Garner, Greg Hart, Alan Jackson, Salter Scharstein, and Lauren Frances Moore Evans.

The exhibition hours are: Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, and Saturday 12 - 5pm and by appointment.

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