Charleston Moves Offering Free Bike Light Sets & Spoke Cards During "Light the Night" Event

On Friday, October 11th, Charleston Moves will present Light The Night, their bi-annual FREE bike light giveaway and educational campaign. The group will set up on the corner of Rivers and Reynolds Avenues in North Charleston to distribute bike lights and spoke cards to the community.

The spoke cards list basic legal rights and best practices to empower Charlestonians while riding. Volunteers will also scout the area, providing lights and cards to people on bikes along nearby corridors.

Charleston Moves explains why they are choosing to set up shop on Rivers Avenue:

"Rivers Avenue is characterized by high speeds, straight, wide lanes and incomplete multi-modal infrastructure, with a crash rate that exceeds state averages by 200%. Along multiple sections of the corridor, crosswalks are more than a mile apart, and in one segment, more than four miles apart.

Sidewalks do not connect neighborhoods to shopping, learning or employment centers, and bike lanes are not continuous.

Despite these deadly existing conditions, more people are taking daily trips by foot and bike. Bicycle and pedestrian crashes in South Carolina and Charleston County disproportionately affect low-income populations, people of color and the elderly. Charleston Moves hosts Light The Night twice a year to address the economic barriers to safe bicycling as we supply legally-required accessories, as well as information on our year-round advocacy for proper infrastructure that is lacking along this spine of the city."

Visit the Facebook event page for more information.

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