6 Reasons Why a European Cruise Is the Best Way to See Europe

Which mode of travel is the best way to see Europe? Here are 6 compelling reasons why a European cruise should be your first choice.

Are you thinking of going to Europe, can't decide on a destination? On a continent so rich with experience and choice, it can be difficult to settle on just a few spots.

The solution then is not to choose. While seeing everything is impossible, there is a way to travel throughout Europe with ease and convenience. It's your best opportunity to see the most countries in just one visit.

Keep reading to learn six reasons why a cruise is the best way to see Europe.

1. Cut Your Costs

Travel opportunities in Europe are vast. The only problem is, the cost involved in seeing everything.

The hassle involved in finding suitable accommodations and paying for them is eliminated. No need to worry about bunking with backpacking students in a hostel when you have a world-class room waiting on the cruise ship.

The same goes for transportation. Instead of renting a vehicle and taking on the responsibility of driving unfamiliar roads, a cruise will bring you to each destination safely. Instead of struggling to read foreign road signs, enjoy the passing scenery.

2. Live Out of Your Suitcase

Many European travelers find themselves constantly packing and unpacking their luggage. With each stop, they need to settle in for the night only to store things away for the next leg of the journey.

Taking a European cruise means you have the same room every night. Unpack your things once and have them available whenever you need them. No more rooting through your laundry to find that one right shirt. Instead, put your things away as you would at home and save your searching for the cities.

3. Decision Making Made Easy

While having a choice is always a good thing, too much choice might not be. Faced with all of Europe's offerings, it can be difficult to plan an itinerary without feeling like you've left something out.

Choosing a cruise line based on their routes simplifies this choice. It lets you pick what major destinations you want to see without worrying about what you're missing. European cruises can help you discover the world in unforgettable ways.

4. Worry-Free Excursions

It can be intimidating booking tours along your journey. Along with the language barrier and cultural differences, there's always the fear that the group you're booking with might not be legit.

Taking a European cruise means that your excursions are pre-planned for you. Take peace of mind in knowing that all your journeys are legitimate. You'll have professionally vetted hosts and services, with no issue getting refunds or dealing with customer service.

5. See More

Unless a road-trip is your intention, traveling Europe by road or rail doesn't compare to a cruise. The distances are too great to cover as many countries as a ship does.

Spend less time in traffic and more time seeing the sights. Save yourself the lineups at border crossings, too.

6. The Journey is the Destination

One thing that can't be overlooked is that all of your downtime is spent on the water. Grab a seat on the deck and watch historic cities pass by as you enjoy a drink, some good food, and even entertainment.

The Best Way to See Europe: Final Thoughts

The world is too full of interesting sights and exciting experiences not to see it. But the idea of venturing into the unfamiliar can leave people wary.

That's why a cruise is the best way to see Europe. It's cost-effective, convenient, and will get you where you want to be. Visit land by day and travel by water at night. Is there anything better?

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