You Don't Need a Bank: Get Cash Today Using These 8 Institution-Free Methods

If you think that you need a bank to make and manage money, ditch that programmed ignorance and get cash today via these institution-free methods.

In 2018, 39% of Americans struggled to afford at least one type of basic necessity. Bills can sneak up on you when you're balancing a budget between housing, food, and transportation.

Has a bill caught you by surprise, or do you need quick cash now? Once you miss a payment, it can be a struggle to catch back up.

But believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to get cash today. This can help you avoid late fees and keep the power running.

And no, you don't need a bank to manage your money or provide you with a loan. Here are 8 ways to get the cash you need -- without using an outdated institution.

1. Ask for Overtime

If you know you need quick cash, you may not have to look far. Many employers have a slew of overtime opportunities.

Ask your supervisor if you can take on another shift or work a few hours over. Of course, the problem with this method is you won't get the extra income until your next paycheck.

2. Sell Unnecessary Items

We all collect a lot of junk over the years, but someone else might want it even if you don't. And they'll be willing to pay for it.

Search your house for items you don't need, such as unused furniture, jewelry, or clothes. If you want to turn these possessions into immediate cash, you have a few options.

Your best option is to try a pawn shop. Although you can likely get more money elsewhere, they'll pay you right then and there for your possessions if they take them.

Craigslist also works wonders in a jiffy. Take a few pictures, advertise the items on the board, and wait for buyers to contact you. With a good price, you can easily sell items on the same day.

3. Donate Plasma

There are plasma donation centers all across the United States. It's a lot like giving blood, except you'll get paid for it. You can expect about $25 or a little more, depending on your area.

It may not seem like a great deal of cash, but you can donate plasma twice a week, with a 48-hour buffer. That really adds up!

Keep in mind that many donation centers are now giving out gift cards instead. You may want to ask how they compensate for donations before driving over.

4. Get Cash Today From Online Lenders

You don't need to deal with banks to take out a loan. For years, reputable online lenders have been supplying loans at competitive rates. The best part is, you can take out a loan from the comfort of your own home.

The only catch is it may take a few days before you receive your loan.

And yes, you can get loans from some online lenders even if you have no bank account.

5. Exchange Gift Cards

Whether from holidays or birthdays, we all acquire gift cards from time to time. But how many gift cards do you actually use? There's a good chance you have unused money trapped on these cards.

But you can get cash now by selling these gift cards. There are plenty of exchange sites available that allow you to sell these cards for cash. You'll receive compensation as soon as your sale is verified.

Of course, you won't get the full value out of the gift card. Let's say you have $50 for a restaurant. There's no reason someone will pay you a full $50 for that card.

You'll typically lose at least 20% of what the card is worth. However, it's quick cash and it's better than holding onto a gift card you're never going to use.

6. Turn in Your Coins

Those pennies really add up. Once you return from the store, it's always a good idea to drop your coins in a small jar. But if you don't keep things tidy, you might have to go searching for loose change.

You probably have your coins scattered across tables, desks, and hidden in drawers. Take some time and fish out as much as you can. You'll more than you think.

Once you've got your hand on the coins, you can find automated machines that will turn your change into dollar bills. This is a great way to get fast cash if you don't need much.

7. Take Dogs for a Walk

Pets can be a hassle. And that's why many pet owners are happy to pay a stipend to dog walkers and pet sitters. If you need quick cash now, ask if your neighbors or family could be in need of your services.

Dog walking is an easy way to make $25 for an hour's work. And the best part about this option? Odds are, you'll be paid in cash.

8. Try Landscaping

If you live in a suburb or rural area, most homes have yards. And that means there's yard work available. You can get fast cash by shoveling snow, raking leaves, or mowing the lawn.

Walk around your local neighborhood and offer cheap landscaping services. Depending on the season, you can make a surprising source of money.

And you won't have to worry about waiting for a paycheck.

Do You Need Fast Cash?

When most people are in need of cash, they run to the bank for help. But you know better. You can get cash today without the assistance of a financial institution.

You're in control of your own finances, whether you're selling old possessions, picking up extra work, or taking out a loan from an online lender. Figure out how much money you need and choose the option that will ensure you reach your goal.

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Looking for other ways to break the mold? Keep your eyes on our blog for more ways to resist programmed ignorance.

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