New Zealand Casino Trends 2019/20

Over the last few decades the gambling and gaming industry have undergone several transformations in order to keep up with the demand of the growing market – and with the continued advancement of technology gamers can expect new and innovative ideas at sites like Conquer Casino NZ  to enhance their gameplay making time online even more immersive, entertaining, safe and secure.

The Rise of Crypto Currency

There are many online platforms that accept crypto currencies allowing players to make deposits and withdrawals as well as gameplay in Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies.

Secure and anonymous it's no wonder that increasing numbers of players are using this form of payment method to fund their online accounts. Of course, this option stands alongside the more traditional methods of payment - but we are witnessing the cryptocurrency slowly replacing the older methods of funding accounts as more people prefer being anonymous and untraceable online.

Mobile Play Increases

The majority of people now own a mobile device and this has had a massive impact on the online gambling world. In fact, more people now choose to use their mobile device to have a game whenever and wherever they happen to be.

We have also witnessed an increase in F2P (free to play) games – these games do not make direct profits and income and are used played more for their entertainment value. Revenue is made through loot boxes or a small fee to upgrade a character or unlock a special feature.

Online Live Dealers

Possibly one of the most exciting ways to play at an online casino is to play at a ‘Live’ game. These games offer players the opportunity to join a table in real time and engage a real human being in real time from the comfort of their own homes.

Games are streamed from a bricks and mortar venue and just like any other casino players may have to wait a few minutes to get a seat, but the gameplay is exciting as well as being fun – well worth a few minutes wait.

Paving the Way for VR

The online gambling in dusty is always pioneering new ideas and although Virtual Reality has been around for decades it has yet to build that solid foundation within the online casino world.

Today there are increased numbers of VR accessories available to players and there is a push towards more VR based casinos – it’s a natural transition.

It really is only a matter of time before everyone has access to a quality VR casino using equipment that stops any signs of VR sickness from the comfort of their own homes.

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