UPDATE: Body20 to Celebrate 1st Anniversary in Mt. Pleasant on November 9th

UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to November 9th.

Press Release

Body20, a 20-minute, electro muscle stimulation (EMS) based workout, announced their one year anniversary celebration at their Mount Pleasant location. Their anniversary event will be held October 19th at the square in front of the studio, from 11 am to 2 pm. There will be light appetizers, drinks, and giveaways to the first 50 in attendance! Any guest who joins and commits to one year will get a special introductory price.

Body20 uses electro-muscle stimulation combined with 1-on-1 Personal Training for an individualized, results-driven workout. EMS mimics the natural action of your central nervous system to create Action Potentials into your deep muscle fibers.

An InBody assessment is utilized weekly to measure the internal anatomy of each client, to guide training to reach optimal results. The InBody composition assessment is the most accurate method to evaluate your body's fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, segmental muscle mass, water distribution, body composition, and much more.

Body20 is excited to serve all fitness enthusiasts in Mount Pleasant and to provide the community with a unique technology-driven way to get fit while saving you time! Body20 will change the way you get fit and stay fit.

If you are ready for a stronger and fitter you, come out and celebrate and learn more about Body20 Studio Mount Pleasant - 712 S. Shelmore Blvd.

1 Free Demo per person, who books an appointment by calling (843) 936-6555. Friends and family are welcome to join you and experience what Body20 Studio is all about.

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