Theatre 99’s Newest Show Lets Locals Explore their Creativity

Theatre 99 is rolling out "Laugh Lab," a new FREE show at 10 pm on Fridays. The event is where new and experimental groups and performers get to work on their show in front of an audience. 

Past performers include Greg Tavares (The Have Nots!), Henry Riggs (Nameless Numberhead) and Jason Groce. In fact, Groce is taking material he developed on stage at Theatre 99 to the SOLOCOM Festival at the PIT Theatre in New York City in November.

"Laugh Lab" is not the only opportunity for locals to explore their creativity at Theatre 99. The venue's improv training program allows locals to take it to the next level by creating improv scenes in their classes. They also get to show their work during a recital performance for invited family and friends. Hundreds of people take these classes every year, which means there are now literally thousands of improvisers in the Lowcountry.

Director of Education Greg Tavares hosts a weekly “drop in” improv class at noon on Thursdays at Theatre 99. During this 90 minute class, first-timers and experienced improvisers mingle on stage and play together. Every week there is someone who is taking the leap into improv for the very first time.

Theatre 99’s training program goes from Level 1 to Level 5. When a group of students complete Level 5, they get the chance to keep performing as part of "Laugh Lab" shows.  Theatre 99 also offers scholarships for their training program classes.

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