Tin Roof to host "eXcess boXes: A Comedy Show from the Gals"

Press Release

Finally, a comedy show written and produced by the insanely talented women of this city. Did anyone ask us to do this? No. Can Charleston handle what we’re about to bring? Maybe. Are the millionaires south of Broad pee peeing in their little khakis just thinking about it? Yes, yes they are. Charleston has forgotten that women are three dimensional and can’t survive on mani-pedi’s, blow dry bars, and all pink champagne salons alone. eXcess boXes is here to provide some sustenance. The show contains sketches, audience participation, giveaways, hypotheticals, and whackadoos. 

The Tin Roof will host eXcess boXes between it’s Sunday brunch and karaoke. This is an all ages show. We’ve teamed up with local businesses to have rad giveaways that remind us that Charleston hasn’t abandoned us and there are still cool people doing cool things here. We’ll have a delightful seasonal cocktail or two. Perhaps something containing a tongue slap of pumpkin that we lovingly named “The Moist Ugg,.”  We are so excited for this show and look forward to sharing it with everyone.

What you’ll get is a true variety show. Attached to the show are Maari Suorsa, Lindsay Collins, Camille Lowman, Meredith Kidd, Lily Stanton, Alexandra Bennett, and Kate Ritchie. All of these women are bringing their own voice to the show in hilarious sketches and segments.

If you are someone who enjoys comedy, music, watching things, sitting in chairs, clapping, hotdogs, and believes in equal rights, this fucking show is for you! Did I mention it’s an all ages show? It is, so if you’re under 21 and want to come to the show, DO IT! Find me, I’ll buy you a hot dog! - Maari

You show be held at Tin Room at 7 pm on November 17th.


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