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Casino Cruises are great fun, but only once. A drive to Vegas may be a dream for some but let’s face it, if you live in Charleston a 33 hour drive is probably not the best alternative for a casino night. So what do you do when all of the benefits of online casinos can’t compare to the luxury of fine dining, instagram snapshots and small talk over a drink? Well, we might have the perfect answer!

Did you ever think about booking your next vacation to a hotel resort somewhere? Why not make it a casino resort and blend in your passion for gambling with your desire to relax and unwind after a hectic year? If you are searching for a truly laid back vacation with sky-blue water, white sandy beaches with the smoothest sand you've ever felt underneath your feet and opulent, fun, action-packed casino rooms, you've reached the right spot. We are going to introduce you to a few of the most exciting, spectacular, peculiar or unique resorts on the planet and let you make the pick for your next vacation.

Sin City, Aruba, Curacao or The Dominican Republic - you name it, there's a place for all of the passionate gamblers looking to enjoy fine dining and spend time at the beach in between two poker sessions. If you are feeling lucky, book a vacation today and go online to practice!

The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Resort In Punta Cana

How does a vacation in the Dominican Republic sound right about now? If you've never been or you are eager to return to this heavenly place on earth, try this spectacular, massive resort that hosts no less than 13 different pools and 23 huge bars. Not to mention a 45,000 square feet casino, the largest casino venue in the country. If your all-time favorite casino theme is the Vegas theme, you are in great luck as this resort does a great job at imitating it. You will have the pleasant surprise of discovering four dozens of gaming tables and over 450 slot machines for the slots enthusiast. On top of all that, you can even quench your thirst for sports bets as well, as the resort hosts the largest sportsbook in the Dominican Republic. What more could a punter want for a resort?

The hotel is one of the most luxurious all-inclusive venues in the country and it introduces guests to a remarkable collection of rock music memorabilia.

Hotel Riu Palace In Antillas, Aruba

This place is an amazing, highly energetic all-inclusive resort for passionate casino fans looking to enjoy one of the hottest destinations on the island while making the most of their gambling hobby. It only received adult guests since it's quite a booze-fueled destination with Champagne drinks welcoming new guests and complimentary wine served during all meals – not to mention the liquor dispensers strategically located in every hotel room. Just keep in mind not to overdo with the drinking as you might lose your focus while gambling, along with your entire bankroll in just a few minutes. The resort's casino allows guests to smoke inside, which is another convenient factor worth mentioning here for all of you tobacco fans out there. Plus, you can expect to find plenty of shopping options, along with fine dining restaurants with international chefs and lots of additional casinos spread in the vicinity of the resort. Definitely a vacation destination worth adding to your bucket list.

Sunscape Curacao Resort Spa & Casino

This is one of the few all-inclusive casino resorts on the island of Curacao and it is well suitable for a variety of gambling-passionate travellers. Whether you plan on travelling with your kids or poker-loving grandpa, a spouse or on your own, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for.

Princess Casino is one of the main points of attraction here, but the white sandy beaches are not to be ignored either. There are 1,500 feet of it and it's enough to satisfy your quench for relaxation and having a good time, free from worries and daily stresses. The water is great for snorkelling lover and swimmers. You can also dive in one of the 60 diving sites, go kayaking, play soccer or soccer, go rock wall climbing. There is a huge shopping mall at a walking distance from the casino resort. For those of you interested in the nighttime attractions, Mambo Beach is extremely inviting thanks to its exclusive parties and events.

Melia Nassau Beach In The Bahamas

Another all-inclusive resort located in a heavenly place on Earth- the Bahamas. Besides the amenities inside the resort, tourists will also have the chance to discover the Pirates of Nassau Museum, the Straw Market or the Christ Church Cathedral, to name just a few of the nearby attractions worth checking out while you are there. The gorgeous beach is topped by the three pools there, with the main one featuring a swim-up bar, loads of fun games to play in the pool and loud and engaging background music. The other two pools are more suitable for a more relaxing swimming experience. Think in terms of waterfalls and palm trees and you should get the picture.

The casino comes with its own exquisite selection of table and card games, slots and roulette. You can even find a Starbucks in case you need a boost of energy while working on your winnings.

With so many great choices your only problem will be to choose which one to book for your next dream vacation. We can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed with any of these!

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