Charleston GOOD Launches "Hyper-Local Alternative to Facebook"

On Friday, November 1st, Charleston GOOD, a grassroots resource and support network, will launch a new, free platform to better serve the needs of individuals and organizations trying to make Charleston a better community for all.

The Goodsharing Network has been a vision of Charleston Good's founder, Todd Chas, for over a decade as he watched and shared in the growing frustration with existing platforms.

"Imagine a completely ad-free social network where you actually will see what your friends share and reach the people you're trying to reach," Chas said. "Imagine a single platform where eager volunteers and needy organizations can effectively find one another. Imagine an online community that cares more about you and Charleston than about revenue streams. Now stop imagining and come join us, because that is what we have built."

The Goodsharing Network is a self-sustaining alternative that will help individuals and organizations in Charleston communicate, connect, and collaborate.

The Goodsharing Network is:

  • Free
  • Ad-free
  • Algorithm-free
  • Full of features
    • Create online personal and organizational profiles
    • Customize your notifications (web site/app)
    • Connect with friends
    • Post, comment, like, and share
    • Direct message your friends
    • Create polls and surveys
    • Create groups and events
    • Follow Topics, Friends, Organizations, and Groups

You can learn more and sign up for free at


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