Queen Street Hospitality Group Welcomes Jalisco Taqueria and Tequila

Queen Street Hospitality Group today announced they will soon be opening Jalisco Taqueria and Tequila on James Island. The organization says this will be an "authentic Mexican eatery inspired by Queen Street Hospitality CEO Jonathan Kish’s time spent in Arizona and traveling to the Jalisco region of Mexico." The restaurant will open in the building that previously housed Screen Door and James.

“My time spent in Arizona gave me a deep appreciation for Mexican cuisine," Kish said. "There is so much more to this type of cuisine, and Charlestonians need to experience the depth of flavors and the rich history of Mexican cuisine. We look forward to serving James Island, my long time home and birthplace."

On the menu will be traditional style tacos including Carnitas, Barbacoa, and Al Pastor. The Al Pastor (vertical rotisserie cooked marinated pork) will be showcased in the open kitchen. Executive Chef Michael Harvey will head up the kitchen. You can see the full menu here.

"I am very excited to bring a plethora of new flavors and dishes in the style of traditional Mexican cuisine," Chef Harvey said. "This restaurant will stand out in authenticity, and the diversity in styles from different regions of Mexico. I have worked 24 years as a professional chef in a multitude of cuisines, including 10 years at Cassique with Tom Collichio as a mentor, and traditional Mexican cuisine has always called to me unlike any other."

The cocktail list will offer many traditional Tequila drinks as well as new cocktails featuring Tequila, the beverage of Jalisco, Mexico.

Jalisco Taqueria & Tequila will be located at 1271 Folly Road. Reservations will be available on the RESY app, however, walk-ins are always welcome. You can find further information at www.Jalisco-CHS.com.
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