7 Romantic Spots for a Date in Charleston

Charleston in South Carolina is a city keeper of history and an open-air museum. Here every street and house is saturated with many years of history, a unique architecture that gives Charleston special shades of charm and a little European character. If you are going to Charleston with your soulmate, then you need to know all the romantic spots of this city.

  1.   Beaches

The city has several good beaches. The most convenient of them is Folly beach. Warm water and soft surf without wind and waves attract many tourists. So, go there in late spring and early autumn – this is one of the main romantic trip rules for people who are going to visit Charleston.

  1.   Rainbow Row

This is a place that is necessary for visiting, even if you accidentally looked into Charleston and didn’t hear or read anything about it. Rainbow Row is an ensemble of 13 colonial-style houses that were built by local merchants back in the 18th century. The lower floors were used as commercial premises, and the upper floors were residential. Some of these houses were damaged during a fire in 1778 and were later restored. After the Civil War, this part of Charleston was abandoned, and only in the 20s, thanks to the head of the Charleston Conservation Society, work began on the reconstruction of the houses, which ended only in 1945. It was during this period that the houses were painted in pastel colors in the Caribbean style.

  1.   Historic center

Walk around the historic center or take a cart ride. Is every square meter of Charleston literally saturated with history? Yes, this is a really romantic place and that is why you are recommended taking a tour. Of course, it’s more interesting with a guide. This person will show you the most interesting places in the center of Charleston and tell a lot of informative stories. There are both walking and horseback riding tours. Which one to choose? It doesn’t matter. They are both interesting.

  1.   French quarter

The charming and ancient French quarter is one of the most ancient and picturesque in the city. It is located between Market, Trad streets, and waterfront. English colonists once built the wall here. The French Quarter is home to many art galleries, as well as the Church of St. Phillips, the French Huguenot Church, and many beautiful historic houses.

  1.   Halls Chophouse

It is considered the best city restaurant. There are very polite waiters, food is prepared quickly, and the menu is most striking. Would you like to taste a buffalo steak? Have you tried fried green tomatoes? Sweet potato pancakes, duck in an incredibly tasty marinade of herbs – such a variety is not found almost anywhere. Quiet music plays in the background, creating a unique atmosphere in which it is so nice to drink a glass of good wine. This is a wonderful place for evening relaxation.

  1.   Fort Sumter

The young country of America has an extremely meager history, so monuments like Fort Sumter are a national treasure. The fort is located on a small island near the city. You will not just visit the place of historical events, you will literally touch them: shells of forts Johnson and mortars stick out from the walls. 60 Sumter guns, like 155 years ago, are directed in all directions as if warning uninvited guests that we are still alive.

  1.   Bulls Island

An unforgettable experience is guaranteed because what could be more interesting than an alligator sailing past a kayak? What about dolphins jumping out of the water? The guide will tell you about the flora and fauna of these places, and on the beach, you can collect a lot of incredibly beautiful shells.

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