How To Prepare A Meal With Marijuana

The most common way to cook a meal with marijuana is to mix the leaves directly into the food. However, doing this can destroy some of the active compounds in the weed.

According to, the best way to harness all the essence of marijuana and to get its full effect is to infuse it in your cooking oil. The active compounds found in marijuana such as CBD and THC are not water soluble. This means that as mixture, the essence of marijuana leaves will never combine with the water.

So how do you do that? Here is a simple step-by-step procedure in your infusing your cooking oil with marijuana.


Please take note, the leaves and flower buds are the only parts of the marijuana plant that you can get THC or CBD from. Other parts like stems, seeds, and flowers can be used to extract these compounds. Even marijuana plants that have been used for vaping can also be used. Feel free to use them.


In exploring for the oil base, please consider appropriate one according to your intended use. Of course, you cannot just choose a base cooking oil at a random. Whether if you are cooking for yourself or for someone else, you need to think about the overall effects of marijuana that you want to achieve with cooking.

If you are largely cooking marijuana for medical purposes, it is best to choose olive oil or coconut oil as these are healthier. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that is believed to be beneficial for maintaining the cholesterol level. On the other hand, olive oil is purported with various medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

If you are cooking for the sake of making delicious dishes, you may actually choose canola oil. Canola is found to be unhealthier than the first two cooking oils. However, in terms of cooking it is the best among the three. Canola oil has a higher boiling point than olive and coconut oils. This means that food burns faster with live and coconut oil.


After choosing your oil base, you can now start grinding your marijuana. A coffee grinder or food processor can be used to grind the marijuana plant. Just make sure that whatever part of plant you are using has been completely dried up. Also, the plant should not be ground so finely. Ensure that the pieces of marijuana plant are large enough, so they do not go through the holes of your strainer.


While you are just experimenting, the standard ratio by volume of marijuana and cooking oil is two parts oil to every one part marijuana. To illustrate this, for every 2 cups of oil that you will use, you should add 1 cup of ground marijuana. If you are using a beaker or anything with graduated measurement, you can use similar ratio such as with 2 liters of oil for every liter of marijuana. The strength of your marijuana and cooking oil mixture depends on the volume of marijuana per volume of oil. The more marijuana you add, the stronger it gets.


After grinding the marijuana parts, you can now prep your oil base. Use a slow cooker, double boiler, or saucepan. Pour the oil in whatever pot you are using then add the ground marijuana. Stir and make sure to drench all the marijuana bits with the oil.


All the juices of your ground marijuana will be dissolved in the oil.  On a medium heat, slow cook the mixture until it turns green. Continue stirring until all the juices in marijuana parts have been infused and thoroughly mixed in the oil. Strain the mixture and keep in a clean container.

The bottled cannabis oil can now be used as an all-purpose cooking oil in your kitchen. You can use this oil to fry or Sautee your meal. For desserts, the oil can be used as shortening agent. With an imaginative mind and passion for cooking, the choices of food to prepare with this cannabis oil is endless.

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