Beyond The Bar: 5 New Ways To Explore The World Of Beer

Beer culture Is all the rage these days, and everyone has opinions about their favorite brewery or style. Still, even most aficionados have a limited number of experiences, whether that’s at the local bar or from picking up different beers at the store, and there’s so much more to see and explore.

Next time you’re up for a boozy adventure, then, skip the pub crawl and expand your horizons. These 5 experiences will offer new takes on the world of beer, from historical perspectives to alternative ways to drink. Your usual bar stool will be waiting for you when you return.

Have Fun At A Festival

There’s a whole community built around craft beer and people enjoy celebrating their local brewers and raising a toast. Get to know your neighboring breweries at a craft beer festival. Among the most popular festivals are Brew At The Zoo events, which offer an adult night out among exotic animals and support conservation efforts.

Booze Meets Bats

If a beer festival at the zoo isn’t enough to fulfill your wild side, there are more exotic options for animal lovers. Out in New Mexico, you can spend an evening drinking while watching a bat migration that fills the sky with wings. You might even be lucky enough to see an oryx, javelina, or bison in the course of your picnic.

Pedal With A Pilsner

People have always explored local bar scenes by participating in pub crawls, but what if you could flip the script and explore your city while enjoying a drink? As it turns out, you can! Rent a Pedal Pub party bike with your friends and ride through your city’s streets all while sipping a foamy beer. Pedal Pub bikes have a trained pilot to guide your adventure and carry a barrel of beer on board, making for a unique social experience.

Hops And History

Every culture has its own fermentation traditions, such as wine in France, but in the United States it’s all about beer – and now you can celebrate that rich history at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s new exhibit on the history of American breweries. The show is an outgrowth of the museum’s American Brewing History Initiative, which covers major breweries as well as the DIY practices that have shaped American drinking culture. While you can’t drink at the show, you’re free to grab drinks with your friends afterward.

The Best Brewery Tours

Most cities with a brewery also have a brewery tour, but some are more extraordinary than others. That’s why, if you only go on one brewery tour in your entire life, you should make it the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. The Heineken brewery tour covers the company’s history, insights into the brewing process, and even a trip to the stables where the company keeps its English Shire horses. It’s a completely immersive experience, especially if you choose to add the VIP beer and cheese tasting option.

Beer experiences are an adult playground and one you should take advantage of whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whether at home or abroad, you’re sure to encounter exciting new flavors and develop a deeper appreciation for America’s favorite drink.

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