Buy Local Month Has Begun!

Buy Local Month, a grassroots movement to build awareness for the positive community benefits of supporting local, independent businesses - particularly during the holiday season, will run from November 15th through December 15th. The campaign is hosted by Lowcountry Local First (LLF).

LLF maintains an online Buy Local Month Holiday Market Calendar to help the community find and enjoy the many pop-up markets that highlight local makers and craftsmen throughout the season. The calendar runs through the end of the year and is updated regularly.

Why is shopping local so important? According to LLF, "when you support locally-owned businesses, 45% of those dollars spent stay within our community as opposed to only 14% when choosing to buy from non-local businesses."

Want to join the movement? Pledge to shift 10% of your holiday spending to Local Businesses here.

To learn more, visit http://buylocalmonth.com.

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