A List of the Different Kinds of Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Diamonds are used for millions of pieces of jewelry each year. The diamond industry was worth $17.5 billion in 2017, and only shows signs of continuing to grow.

Diamonds are symbolic of the everlasting bond of marriage due to their durability and shine. However, not every diamond is alike. There are four different kinds of diamonds that are available for you to purchase, each with a different appearance and set of benefits.

Keep reading to find out the differences between the main types of diamonds!

Natural Diamonds

As their name would suggest, natural diamonds are ones that come from diamond mines. They are cut and polished from their natural state to get the sheen and reflectiveness that you are used to seeing.

Natural diamonds in rings and other jewelry will not have imperfections that are visible by eye.

Natural diamonds carry a high price tag since they have to be mined overseas and transported around the world.

Treated Diamonds

Treated diamonds are natural diamonds that did have an imperfection that you could spot with your naked eye. These natural diamonds have resin or other special materials applied to them, hiding those visual imperfections and giving the appearance of a regular natural diamond. Treated diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds because they are of lower quality.

Lab-Made Diamonds

Also known as man-made diamonds, lab created diamonds are diamonds that have been made, not mined. They are not synthetic diamonds or any other mineral. Instead, they are completely indistinguishable from regular diamonds.

In fact, the best way to determine if diamonds are lab-grown is if a professional appraisal finds no imperfections. Since they are made in a controlled setting, there are no variables that could mar the appearance of the diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds tend to be cheaper than natural diamonds because they do not have the same amount of rarity or labor attached to them.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

These diamonds have a unique name, which reflects their rarity as gemstones. These are natural mined diamonds, but instead of the classic clear color of regular natural diamonds, these are colored. The shades available vary, but include various shades and mixtures of red, blue, and green.

These are among the rarest types of diamonds in the world and will carry a higher price tag than the other three types of diamonds listed here.

Choosing From the Different Kinds of Diamonds Can Be Hard

Choosing the right diamond from all the different kinds of diamonds for a loved one depends on a range of variables. Do they prefer something that is environmentally friendly, like lab-grown diamonds, or want something with a splash of color like natural fancy color diamonds?

It also depends on your budget. Lab-grown diamonds provide the highest quality at the lowest price and are becoming increasingly popular as a result.

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