Daps Breakfast + Imbibe Has Switched to Canned and Kegged Wine


Daps Breakfast and Imbibe announced today that it has made a switch in its wine portfolio to solely offer canned and kegged wines from various producers around the country. The restaurant said there were many factors that went into the decision to switch entirely to canned and kegged wine, including "sustainability, exposure, cocktail versatility, and as a complement to the always-present 'party vibe' that Daps offers its patrons."

Since Daps opened in March of 2018, it has offered a “breakfast wines” selection featuring popular wines from various distributors in Charleston.

“Initially we were looking for something that pairs with pancakes and eggs," co-owner Nicholas Dowling said. "Wine was great for this as we focused on lighter varietals that would not affect your day, but rather would be a good complement to your meal."

After a successful year of featuring breakfast-centric wines, Dowling and his partner, Jeremiah Schenzel, decided to take a more environmentally sustainable approach to their breakfast wine program. Utilizing canned and kegged wine is the first step in this process. The single-serving size for patrons to sip and enjoy at their leisure during their meal is a direct way to be more environmentally impactful by reducing waste with an easily recyclable vessel. Plus, having multiple single-serving wine options eliminates the potential of unused product.

Daps is located at 280A Ashley Avenue.


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