Get Ignorant Wrestling Slams its Way into Theatre 99 with a "Holiday Hangover"

Theatre 99 company member Jordan Edwards has loved professional wrestling since he was eight years old, so he found a way to mash his passion for wrestling and improv comedy together through his new venture, Get Ignorant Wrestling (GIW). The first show, "Holiday Hangover," makes its entrance at Theatre 99 on Friday, December 27th at 10 pm.

“I’ve wanted to merge improv and the insanity of wrestling for a long time,” Edwards said. “Get Ignorant Wrestling takes an improv show and injects it with the over-the-top, larger-than-life energy of Wrestlemania.”

GIW is short form improv where everyone is a wrestler. Improv games are turned into wrestling matches, complete with entrances, finishing moves, and potential betrayals. "Holiday Hangover" will see several wrestlers compete to be the first ever Get Ignorant Wrestling world champion.

“We want the audience to treat this like they’re in the front row at Friday Night Smackdown,” Edwards said. “Cheer the wrestlers you like and boo the ones you don’t. If someone gets hit with a steel chair, don’t be surprised.”

The wrestlers will compete in a tournament of improv games to determine a champion. The winner will then defend their title at upcoming Get Ignorant Wrestling events.

Get Ignorant Wrestling presents "Holiday Hangover" at 10 pm on Friday, December 27th at Theatre 99. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at

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