How well do Uber and Lyft handle car accidents?

How well does Uber/Lyft handle car accidents? Though this answer may vary from one accident case to another, there are some things that you should be aware of before ridesharing. One of the most important is understanding how their injuries claims are handled in the event that an accident does occur. To start, here are 3 things that can assist you with understanding how well these claims are being handled.

1.Who Is Ultimately Responsible for the Accident -- The Driver or Uber/Lyft Insurance

Before you use your mobile app to order your next Uber or Lyft driver, you need to know what to expect if you are ever involved in a vehicle accident. This is especially the case for those of you who are actually injured in an uber or lyft. Since your injuries may require immediate medical care from an emergency room or physician’s office, you need to know who your medical bill will be handled by.

Because Uber and Lyft are not adding permanent drivers to their staff, these are contractors driving you to your destinations. Therefore, the primary car insurance policies that many of their drivers must possess is not actually provided by Uber or Lyft. In some cases, the driver may pay for a supplemental insurance policy for this type of ridesharing but it not required. Therefore, the handing of an Uber/Lift vehicle can get a little or a lot complex based on each individual situation.

That said, this is one of the primary reasons why it is important that you contact an uber accident lawyer as soon as possible about your claim. Uber accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience that you need to follow your case from your first meeting to the time you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries. In short, Uber and Lyft have already taken the appropriate measures to cover themselves as corporations in handling vehicle accidents, but these precautions do not necessarily cover your rights as a passenger in these situations.

The precautions that have been made by these types of ridesharing companies are often communicated as providing up to a million dollars in coverage. However, these claims are subject to a wide range of circumstances, including the timing of the accident and the confirmation of the ride for the passenger via Uber’s mobile app. For instance, if the uber is viewed as being off the clock on their own time, your insurance claim may not be covered by Uber’s insurance. Also, if the Uber driver does not report the accident to the police, your claim may be denied by the insurance provider. In these cases, you may need the best ridesharing accident lawyer that you can hire for your case. Law firms in your area can help to investigate your claim and fight for the compensation that you will need.

2. Does Uber/Lyft Cover all of their Drivers with their Own Commercial Car Insurance?

Uber/Lyft sends out contract drivers all over the country to drive their passengers to and from their intended destinations. As mentioned before, these drivers must meet certain insurance coverage requirements before they are sent the messages of your ridesharing mobile app requests. So, it is natural to assume these drivers have all of the insurance coverage that’s needed on their vehicles and the passengers that they transport in the event of a car accident.

While the above is considered to be a natural assumption for any passenger, this is not true for all of the Uber/Lyft drivers on the road. Since the supplemental insurance that ridesharing companies offer is not available at no cost, some of these drivers can be on the road underinsured for the job that they are performing. Therefore, in the case of an accident, Uber/Lift may only cover a small portion of the insurance. Or, in some cases, the driver of the vehicle may be left with full financial responsibility of paying for the injured passenger.

In either event, if you live in the city of LA, it is very important that you contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as you can. The personal injury attorney will begin to review the circumstances surrounding the accident and the liability of the driver of the vehicle. Because an underinsured Uber/Lfyt may have sole liability for the accident that occurred, these lawyers can assist in expediting your case. Specifically, when Uber/Lyft ridesharing companies are denying having responsibilities for these types of uber driver insurance situations.

3. Do I Need an Attorney to Handle My Case

As with any vehicle accident, the claims filed are rarely cut and dry. In fact, with both sides fighting an insurance claim, negotiating the compensation for an injury accident can be very complex to handle. Therefore, when you compound all of the extra intricacies of a ridesharing vehicle accident with the driver of the vehicle, Uber/Lyft company responsibilities and the passengers in the vehicle, it is difficult for you or any other passenger to handle an injury claim on your own.

That being said, it is very important that you hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to represent you in your injury claim. These attorneys can assist you in making sure that your entire injury claim is not denied by Uber or Lyft. Also, if you want to make sure that your case is strong and not too weak to fairly represent you, you should make sure that you have as much information as possible. For instance,
it is important that you are making a record of the following:

- Time and Date and the Location of the Accident
- Uber Driver Name
- License plate
- Witnesses and Other Passengers in the Vehicle
- Photo of the Uber's Driver Dashboard with the Info from the Ride

All of the above information and more can help your attorney in the investigation of your accident. For instance, you may need to help the ridesharing driver prove that they were transporting you as a uber passenger to your destination. The supporting documentation that is needed may be found by viewing the status of the ride at that particular point in time (i.e. your mobile app, on the dashboard of their vehicle etc.). By contacting your own attorney, they can assist in interpreting the ridesharing laws that apply to your state. Because each state laws can differ greatly in protecting the interest of uber passengers, uber drivers, and the ridesharing companies.

If you want to know how well does Uber/Lyft handle car accidents before you order your next Uber or Lyft driver, it is very important that do your research first. Because the answer can vary greatly from one-vehicle accident, circumstance, and state to another, the accident that you are in may or may not be fully covered by any insurance company. This is because the rules, guidelines, and laws that determine how each injury accident case should be handled may already be set in favor of the ridesharing companies. Therefore, if you want to be fairly compensated for the injury you have sustained as a passenger, it is important that you hire an attorney to help you file your claim.

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