How important were the Patriots’ losses to the Texans and the Chiefs?

Under coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady’s guidance, the New England Patriots have simply steamrollered teams for most of the current campaign. Indeed, this has led many people around the US to tip them for another playoff run and Super Bowl win. If you can legally bet online in your state, just remember to use the best NFL playoffs betting sites so that you get the best odds possible.


Recent weeks though have seen their progress take a hit with a 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans and then a 16-23 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs. These two back-to-back losses stunned Patriots fans somewhat, and questions have started to be asked of this team for the first time in 2019/20. But just how important were these defeats in the grand scheme of things?


No need to panic yet 


The simple facts are that while the last two losses were a setback, they have not derailed the Patriots’ whole season. A 10-3 record and top spot in the AFC East certainly show that there is no cause for real concern just yet. If the team can put the defeats behind them and get back to winning ways moving on, then they could still be on for Super Bowl glory this year.


The only impact that you might see lies in how the postseason could pan out and who the Patriots may face in the NFL playoffs. What has happened could see them end up with a tougher playoff route to navigate in order to reach the Super Bowl than might have otherwise been possible. In reality, the Patriots remain as second seed for now, and this has not been affected by the previous two losses.


Why else should Patriots fans not get too downhearted? 


Two losses back to back is always hard to take, but there are reasons not to be too downbeat for fans of New England. Firstly, the teams they lost to were pretty decent outfits who are having a good season themselves. Sometimes, getting beaten by awesome teams in good form is one of those things that can happen.


The next reason to remain upbeat lies in who they play next. If you ever wanted a game to get back on track with next, then playing the Cincinnati Bengals in their current form is perfect. This should allow New England to bounce back with a confidence-building win in order to get back into the winning groove. You also have to factor in that nothing went majorly wrong in the last few games. It was the little errors that cost them, and these are easy to fix in training and after reviewing the games.


Of course, the experience of people such as Belichick and Brady will also help the Patriots to minimize any negative impact. These wily old pros know that losses and setbacks are to be expected in every NFL season. By using their past experience to help the whole team get over it, the impact should not be too destructive.


What challenges do the losses present?


While there is no need to panic, two losses cannot simply be ignored either. One problem they could bring to the table is that other teams will suddenly see that the Patriots can be beaten. This will shatter the air of invincibility that New England have enjoyed to date and give teams in the future more confidence to face them. The other potential issue is that other teams could look at the tactics that the Chiefs and the Texans used in order to beat them. This could see the Patriots face tougher future games as teams now have a blueprint to play them.


Confidence is always key in sports and you also just don’t know how the two losses have affected this in the Patriots locker room. While you would expect old pros such as Brady to rally the troops and keep confidence high, it may not be such an easy task if people’s heads are down.


New England set to clap back


Although no-one in the Patriots camp will have welcomed two defeats and the challenges that this could bring, fans should be sure of the right response from the team moving forward. They will know what went wrong in those games and will be fired up in the coming weeks to make it right with fans. While nothing is certain in sport, it seems inconceivable that the Patriots will let a few bad results ruin their whole season.

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