All You Need to Know About Hamilton Musical

The Hamilton Musical has been making rounds in the theatrical community lately, and for good reason. This musical takes a fresh approach to musicals while also maintaining the essence of classical theatrics. It also tells a very compelling story that takes the crowd for a roller coaster ride of emotions. Currently, it is very hard to get your hands on tickets for this show. But if you do manage to secure tickets, you are bound to have a great time throughout the show.

Now, the Hamilton Musical isn’t something that you should go and see without any preparation. The musical has a wide cast of characters and over 40 songs that tell its story. The musical is complex, fast paced, and incredibly memorable. We would recommend that you prepare yourself before your show date arrives. Doing so will greatly elevate the experience for you. So, before you go to cash in your tickets for Hamilton in Los Angeles, you should sit down and take a few notes.

What is Hamilton About?

The Hamilton Musical’s story takes place in the civil war period of America. This makes Hamilton a historical musical that tells the story of real people. Pretty much everyone knows a bit about this war since we’ve all read about it in school. However, most of us don’t know the nitty gritty details of this time period. For instance, you might be familiar with the characters by name, but you won’t know what they did and why they did it. And sine Hamilton is quite fast paced, you really won’t have time to make sense of things during the show.

What to Expect From The Musical?

The musical has 46 songs in it. And many of these songs are rap music, meaning that their lyrics are delivered at a very fast pace. Once the musical starts, you probably won’t understand all the lyrics if you’re hearing the songs for the first time. This is why we would recommend that you give the songs a listen beforehand. This won’t spoil the musical for you in any way. Musicals aren’t like movies, going through their story beforehand will in fact make your experience more enjoyable. The Hamilton musical can be downloaded or you can buy its CDs as well.

Another thing that you should know is that Hamilton has very little dialogue. Almost all of the story is told through music. This keeps things lively throughout the entire show. And since most of this music is rap, you really should listen to it before the actual play itself. Listening to 46 songs may sound a little difficult, especially if you don’t have time. But you can go through the entire track if you have a habit of listening to music while you’re commuting.

Apart from listening to the music beforehand, you should also subject yourself to a quick history refresher. Go online and read about all the major characters that appear in the play. Knowing the actors will definitely prevent you from feeling lost during the play. And being intimately familiar with the time period will definitely make the musical all the more emotional for you. If you really want to learn as much as possible about the musical, you can check out Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton. This book is what inspired the musical’s writers to work on this topic in the first place.

What to Do on The Day of The Show?

Should you follow a dress code? What kind of atmosphere should you expect? Questions like these are bound to come in your head. Theatrical shows often draw in snobby crowds that like to be overly dressed. In fact, wearing formal attire has somewhat become a tradition when you’re going to the theatre. You don’t necessarily need to dress formally for this show as it draws in a more diverse crowd. But dressing well has never hurt anyone. You can attend the show in semi-formal attire. Think of what you would wear if you were going out on a dinner date.

The atmosphere in the theatre itself will be a jumble. You’ll find people totally immersed in the show. You’ll also find people who are busy talking or munching on snacks. Like we said, this show draws in all sorts of people, so you can expect to find a lot in the crowd.

Make sure that you arrive at the venue 30 to 40 minute earlier. This will give you time to settle down in your seats and maybe even buy some souvenirs. Whether you’re a diehard fan on American history or you simply want to see what all the fuss is about, this show is going to be a treat. If you give it a chance, it will definitely entertain you in a different and wholesome way.


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