Waffle House Index: Savannah Highway Location is Closed (Temporarily)

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For the last 42 years, the Waffle House at 325 Savannah Highway has rarely closed its doors, but the restaurant says it's time for some updates that forced the diner to temporarily shutter earlier this week.

A sign on the restaurant's door (right) reads in part:

"To Our Family, Friends, and Community,

For 42 years we have been a proud staple in this community...The time has come for us to revitalize Unit 411 to its glory days. We will be closing December 8, 2019, and will reopen in March 2020.

Thank you to all of our loyal family, friends and community for understanding."

If you need your Waffle House fix before March, there are two locations nearby - 2229 Savannah Hwy. and 3565 Savannah Hwy.

The Waffle House at 325 Savannah is probably the most famous location in the state. It was heavily featured in a 2015 episode of CNN's Parts Unknown as Chef Sean Brock introduced the late Anthony Bourdain to the diner's cuisine. Somehow, the well-traveled chef, writer, and TV host had never dined at a Waffle House before that moment.

In 2016, the location was featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as host (and Charleston native) Stephen Colbert partnered with country singer Sturgill Simpson to play their ode to Waffle House - "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads."

You can see both of the aforementioned clips below.



Credit: Holy City Sinner

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