Fortnite: Save the World Review

Igaming is taking more and more popularity. While some people are devoted to casino games as funfreeslots.co.uk provides, the other part prefers games with story and bright characters. One of the most Fortnite has had the video gaming world in a craze for the past two years since its initial release in 2017. The Fortnite game is provided in different modes, and gamers are mostly familiar with Battle Royale. Fortnite Save the World video game was released for early access before the Battle Royale Mode, and it served the same competitive shooting playfield. However, Battle Royale came in and swept most of the glory. You may be one of the Fortnite players that passes this option in the login screen when heading on to the popular version. If you are looking for a similar co-op experience, Fortnite Save the World might be just the option, and this piece touches on all there is to know about the game.

What it Entails

The Fortnite video game takes place in a contemporary Earth that has a futuristic vibe to it. This Earth is riddled by a sudden storm that wipes out 98% of the population. The remaining 2% are tasked with fending off husks, which are zombie-like creatures that are a result of the apocalypse. The survivors of the storm have since found a way to create shields that clear the storm overhead and makes it easier to fend off attacks from the humanoid creators.

The game is played by a team of up to four players, and the gamer stands as the commander of one of the bases. As the leader, you are charged with leaving the safety of the storm shield and veering into the unknown to locate survivors, align with other human commanders, and collect resources to bring back to the camp. These missions all drive towards the goal of bringing back earth to its former glory.

Comparison to Battle Royale

Fortnite Save the World operates on the similar missions as those of Battle Royale where players are tasked with locating defensive objects, engaging in shootouts with the zombie creators, and working as a team to make things better for the human race. Here are some comparisons to see where the games’ worlds collide and where they differ:

  • Structure

Fortnite Save the World is often described as a blend of Left 4 Dead and Minecraft in terms of appearance. The same feature can be witnessed in the Battle Royale Mode. The grainy aspect borrowed from the Minecraft game does not make the game any less clean-cut to fit in with other contemporary titles.

  • Missions

Fortnite Save the World and Battle Royale both centre on the idea of survival and expansion. Players are expected to fend off the husks outside of their storm shields as they build new ones. The completion of such missions is the only way one can progress through the various levels. When engaging in building works, players can collect more than three materials from the environment (wood, metal, and stone) to create forts. The Earth in Save the World features additional elements like special ores and tree twines. These items are used to craft walls, doorways, ramps, and other additions that contribute to completing a storm shield.

  • Weapons

Save the World features all the weapons and protective items found in Battle Royale, but with a few more choices. SMGs and laser rifles are some of the unique weaponry limited to this mode. You can also take advantage of healing plates that boost strength after taking a hit. The game also features ceiling traps that come in handy when hulks try to attack from the top – the tool freezes them over.

The use of more weaponry and resources in Fortnite Save the Word makes it as focused on strategy application as it is on the field performance. Players have to focus as hard on building mechanics as they do on fending off zombie attacks.

Progression System

The more accomplishments that you achieve in Fortnite Save the World, the more items that are unlocked to use in the battlefield. The granted tools have a real impact when engaging in gameplay and do more than act as sidelines. The strategic backbone on which this Fortnite mode is built on allows players to create teams with members skilled in different fields. You can have defenders that fight with you on the battlefield, builders that create the storm shields, and others. Members of these teams are earned through completing a range of missions or events that are up for a limited amount of time.

Fortnite Save the World Mode lets gamers keep track of their progress with the help of two ability trees. Each of these trees is fed by passive statistics that unlock different items as various levels are achieved.


Fortnite Save the World Mode may not be the most popular release in the Fortnite video game franchise, but it offers thrilling entertainment nonetheless. The game is available for free play for PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, macOS, and Microsoft Windows users.

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