The biggest online casino jackpot winners of all time!

From the latest brand new online casinos to well established old favourites, progressive jackpots are a big feature of most gambling sites. These jackpots work by pooling together all the bets placed on them, regardless of the casino, into one massive prize fund.

The smart thing is that the more people play a progressive jackpot, the bigger the total prize pot gets. This, in turn, encourages more people to play who hope to bag the top prize so the fund grows even bigger.

Some of the biggest jackpot games out there create instant millionaires on a pretty regular basis. The payouts easily stretch into the high six-figure sums and very often reach way into millions per game.

For example in 2019 Mega Moolah has paid out over €78 million between 11 winners alone. That’s just one of the many progressive jackpots around which are making instant millionaires every few weeks.

Biggest ever mobile casino jackpot win

A massive €8,012,153.36 euro win, that’s around $9.2 million USD, from April 2017 still holds the record for being the largest mobile casino jackpot ever scooped. The winner decided to remain anonymous, so we will never know how they chose to spend their millions.

The lucky player was betting on Mega Moolah at the online Tipico Casino when the gods aligned and granted them the epic win. It smashed the previous mobile jackpot record from August 2016, adding over an additional one million euro to up the ante.

Finnish Man becomes a millionaire on a €0.25 bet

One of the biggest online casino jackpot wins ever came in 2013. A Finnish man in his 40s was playing at a Scandanavian online casino and placed a €0.25 cent bet on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot.

Much to his surprise, the video slot went crazy and he racked up an epic total win of €17,861,800, setting a new world record for the largest payout at the time. The win, which is equal to around $24 million USD, came whilst he was playing at PAF casino from his home in Finland.

The win surely changed his life forever but he wished to remain anonymous so we don’t know what he is up to these days. One thing is for certain, the online casino industry received a major boost from the publicity at the time and used it to attract others in search of an instant fortune.

Soldier scoops a fortune with brand new Betway account

If you don’t like to hear how newbies can strike it lucky when you can’t then look away now! Jonathan Heywood, a British soldier from Cheshire in England won the unbelievable amount of £13.2 million, that’s around $17.2 million USD back in 2015.

The most remarkable aspect of this win was that he claimed to have only opened the winning Betway account 25 minutes before landing the jackpot.

In an interview shortly after his epic win, Heywood said that he plans on getting a yellow Bentley Continental GT for himself. He also vowed to take his relatives on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate. In a follow-up interview a couple of years later he added that some of the winnings have been used to help with his father’s medical treatments.

This counted as the biggest single jackpot win on an online slot machine in 2015 according to the Guinness Book of Records. It still holds the title of the biggest ever win from an online slot game. Think you can beat it?

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