Baker & Brewer Announces O.P.P.B. Collaboration Series

Baker and Brewer, the joint brainchild of EVO and Holy City Brewing, has announced the creation of a new collaboration series called O.P.P.B. (Other People’s Pizza and Brew). For the first collaboration, Baker & Brewer has teamed up with Swig & Swine on a special brew called The Pig Easy, a light beer brewed with a smoked malt. The brew will be released on Friday, February 28th at 6 pm at Baker & Brewer and all three Swig & Swine locations. 

On that same day, Baker & Brewer (B&B) welcomes Swig & Swine Pitmaster and owner Anthony DiBernardo who will be serving his take on B&B’s classic “Pork Trifecta” pie, the Big Bad Wolf, a red sauce-based pizza with mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano and three styles of pork. Think whole hog, sausage, and maybe some pork belly.

Those interested in collaborating with Baker & Brewer’s O.P.P.B. series, contact [email protected]

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