New Luggage Storage and Ride Transportation Service Now Available in Charleston

Buggage, an "on-demand luggage pickup, storage,  delivery service and passenger ride service," is now available in the Charleston area. The company, which launched in 2019, offers online bookings and ride services.

Interested travelers can book through Buggage's website or by calling them directly. Customer can then pay through one of several online options.

The company charges $10 per bag and as low as $8 dollars for rides. The price varies by time, distance, and number of passengers. Buggage picks up the luggage, tags them, secures them, and then delivers them back to the client.

If the customer needs a ride to the airport, the company offers a bundled service for that too. They have a luxury transit van that can hold up to 15 people at a time, so they can accomodate bachelorette/bachelor parties or families traveling in groups. Buggage frequently does pick-ups and drop-offs at the Charleston port for Carnival Cruise as well.

Each bag is secured with a tamper-proof lock and insured (up to $2,500) while in the company's possession. The company says this allows customers to have a stress-free experience without the hassle of their suitcases.

A company representative said Buggage is "on-demand and truly caters to the itinerary of our guests. Our booking system is quick, easy to use and allows guests to ditch their bags in a matter of minutes so that they can really enjoy the last moments of their trip/vacation."

You can learn more on the company's website.

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