The Next Creekside Comedy Night Features JABS

Creekside Comedy Night returns on Saturday, February 22nd for another evening of hilarious stand-up. The show features JABS - Jas, Jarrell, Ariel, Brandon and Scooter. The fun begins at 9 pm.

Here's a look at the performers courtesy of host Keith "Big Daddy" Dee:

  • Jas
    • Greenville comic
    • To keep the lights on she works with special needs children
    • "Her perspective on life as a single female who is just trying to get her bills paid will tickle your fancy"
  • Jarrell Williams
    • From Greenville
    • "Jarrell has a unique perspective on things that happen in life, and he can relate to any crowd"
  • AriFunny
    • From Greenville
    • Former teacher turned comedian who travels all around the East Coast
    • "She gets no greater joy than taking people out of their everyday rut, forget what they’re going through, and making them laugh"
  • Brandon Rainwater
    • He "gives you his take on parenting, different generations, and other absurdities in life"
    • He has been seen on the big screen in Black Bear
    • Has shared the stage with comics such as Dick Gregory, Sinbad, Rodney Perry, Chris Kattan, Anthony Johnson, and many more
  • Scooter
    • Scooter is "the first slightly overweight chocolate sex symbol, 300 pounds of pure dark chocolate, born and raised in Spartanburg"

To purchase tickets, click here.

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