It Takes A Team - Why Group Fitness Is Worth A Try

By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder + Head Coach of Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston

Spoiler alert, from baseball to crew to gymnastics, many of our Rhapsody CrossFit misfits were former varsity and college athletes.

What may surprise you is that they don’t reminisce about the glory days of touchdowns or championships - they talk about how much they miss being part of a team.

At our core, humans tend to be social creatures. We seek connection, collaboration and maybe even a little friendly competition. It stands to reason that when fitness becomes a solo act after graduation it can, quite frankly, lose its luster.

Whether it’s running, spin, Barre, dance, CrossFit or the myriad other ways for you to move here in Charleston, I’d encourage you to give group fitness a go for and one of the following reasons.

Change Is Good

From fresh faces to new spaces, switching up your routine and bringing some new energy into your life can work wonders for revamping your health and fitness regimen. There’s a reason change is the spice of life.

Supervised Fun

Group fitness is a great opportunity to try something different with sufficient expertise to know up from down, enough structure to figure out where to start and convenient access to any equipment you might need to make sure you’re safe at play.

Make New Friends

As I said before, we crave community. Whether you’re new to town or just want a third space between work and home, the right fitness group can do wonders to help you find your people because you’re all coming together in pursuit of a common goal - to be healthy and get fit.

All The Accountability

Staying fit is hard and we all need a little help from time to time. If you ask any Rhapsody CrossFit member what they appreciate most about our community, I guarantee you that accountability makes the top three.

From getting a text checking in if you miss your usual workout time to a clap on the back when you push a little harder, camaraderie makes all the difference in staying the course and challenging yourself.

At the end of the day, I encourage you to get out there and move no matter how you do it. You may just find strength in numbers or perhaps even enjoy being part of a team again through group fitness.

If you want to learn more about Rhapsody CrossFit and get to know our squad, come on out to Sweaty Saturday. If you live in the Greater Charleston Area, your first class is on us.

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