Richmond, Va.'s Underground Kitchen Returns to Holy City in March

Update - 3/10/20: The Underground Kitchen has decided to postpone their scheduled event in Charleston. You can see their statement below.



Underground Kitchen, the acclaimed Richmond, Va.-based roving, experiential dinner series, has launched its latest food tour, themed “The Artistry of Artisans," with tour dates that include a stop in Charleston on March 12th.

What’s behind the theme? Underground Kitchen has come across some amazing artisans throughout its travels, from wine-makers, cheese-makers, goat farmers, potters, and bee-keepers to sausage-makers, brewmeisters, glass-blowers, chocolatiers, and small batch distillers. During each stop on the upcoming 2020 "Artistry of Artisans" tour, they will highlight local and regional culinary artisans, crafters, and makers who they think everyone should get to know. Underground Kitchen’s chefs will then design menus using the products created by these craftspeople (that the chefs hand-pick themselves) in a culinary showcase.

As usual, the location and other event details are kept secret leading up to the event. Organizers say details are limited to "heighten the aura of suspense." Before the event, only a few pieces of information are divulged – the date and time of the dinner and the theme. The exact menu, chef, and location are kept secret (in most cases) until 48 hours before the event.
Tickets now available at theundergroundkitchen.org/events.

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