Area UPS Stores Offering Special Print Pricing for Students and Parents Dealing with Homeschooling

Press Release

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and Mandatory School Closings, all 18 area The UPS Store locations in greater Charleston are offering .05¢ black-and-white copies to any students and families dealing with homeschooling as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“This is a very difficult situation that everyone in the Greater Charleston Area is learning to adapt to," The UPS Store franchisee Michael Cunningham said. "After having several parents in our stores over the last few days, we wanted to share our special pricing with the entire community. Our .05¢ pricing represents a 50-75% discount depending on location and is the price we do our special 'Teachers only' pricing throughout the year.”

“All any parent needs to do is email any of their lesson plans to their local The UPS Store, and we can have them printed and ready for pick-up within a few hours. We can even take payment over the phone and deliver the plans directly to you in the parking lot if that  makes you feel more comfortable,” Cunningham said.

To find the nearest UPS Store, visit www.theupsstore.com, or for more information, visit Google and search “UPS Store Near me."

In addition to domestic and international shipping, The UPS Store offers full-service packing; digital printing; black-and-white and color duplications; document finishing (binding, laminating, etc.); notary; printing services (business cards, letterhead, rubber stamps, etc.); custom crating and shipping for large items (e.g., grandfather clocks, motorcycles); mailbox and postal services; office and packaging supplies; and more. For more information, check out these indesign templates.

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