Save, When You Support Small Business

The following is a press release from the Charleston-based Women Entrepreneurs Inc.:

It's a difficult time for many small business owners.

Many of us face the uncertainty of how social distancing will impact the overall health of our business and possibly our income.

To help ease the burden on small business owners and bring awareness to the businesses we run, Women Entrepreneurs Inc., an organization that connects over 200+ women-owned businesses in the Southeast, has launched a Gift Card Marketplace.

The Gift Card Marketplace features discounted digital vouchers from local women-owned businesses that can be bought today and redeemed up to 1 year later.

Current cards include photography sessions, public speaking workshops, boutiques, and food – and the list is growing every day!

By buying gift cards today for products and services you were going to purchase or consider purchasing in the near future, you’re making a REAL IMPACT on women-owned businesses in our greatest time of need.

BUT, we’re just getting started!

I’m writing to ask for your help by:

    • Sharing the Gift Card Marketplace with your family and friends
    • Becoming a member of Women Entrepreneurs Inc. (if eligible) and adding a Gift Card to the Marketplace
    • Sharing our mission with press and local media

The COMPLETE gift card payment goes DIRECTLY to the gift card issuer. Women Entrepreneurs Inc. does NOT take any portion of the gift card transaction.

Please help us bring visibility and security to small businesses in your community by buying or selling in the Marketplace.

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