Local Catering Company Launching Food Pick-up/Delivery Service

Thurston Southern Catering, established in 2015, has created a new pick-up/food delivery service called Rosebay. The service will launch this week in Charleston, offering prepared meals for individuals and families.

There will be a variety of meals offered from gluten-free and plant-based to Americana classics with local and regional products. Along with meals, there will be grocery items such as Geechie Boy Cornmeal and Grits and Storey Farm Eggs for purchase.

Orders must be placed by 2 pm the day before pick-up or delivery. To view the full menu, click here.

Rosebay was founded by Thurston Southern Catering, a company that has been in the Charleston market for five years, providing craft services for weddings, corporate events, and more. The new venture will operate out of the Thurston Southern Catering space ensuring all the proper DHEC protocols are being abided by.

Rosebay also wants to give back to those in need. Each week, the company will apply proceeds from the previous week’s sales and identify a local population and drop off point to feed the identified parties in need.

About Rosebay

Rosebay is often known as the first plant to grow after a forest fire. Growing typically 4-6 feet tall, these plants have beautiful fuchsia blossoms with slender leaves often used for tea. The young stalks of the plant are also a popular edible treat with a similar flavor to asparagus.  A single plant can produce up to 80,000 seeds, which can parachute quite far from the mother plant.

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