Brookgreen Gardens Launches #BrookgreenAtHome

In an effort to bring engaging, exciting, and creative ideas into the home while maintaining social distancing guidelines, Brookgreen Gardens has launched #BrookgreenAtHome, a campaign focused on educational activities for children that can be done from the comfort of their home.

Brookgreen’s Creative Education Department is rolling out art projects complete with a detailed list of materials, step by step directions, and examples from the Brookgreen staff. One project, "Get Down To The Root," requires yarn, a paper plate, construction paper, markers, crayons or paint, and a hole punch. The children are to create a paper plate veggie garden (picture at right), and there are detailed instructions on exactly how to do it. This program educates kids on the benefits of root vegetables while allowing them to use their creative minds.

Brookgreen encourages those who complete the projects to post on social media with #BrookgreenAtHome as a way to see what others in the community have created.

For more information on Brookgreen at Home, visit www.brookgreen.org/events/brookgreen-home or via Brookgreen’s social channels at @brookgreengardens.

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