Local Company Launches "Tips in the Jar" for F&B Workers

Over the weekend a local web design company built a directory to help the community show some love to Charleston’s bartenders who are out of work during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

While having a virtual happy hour with friends last Thursday night, Web Done Well’s Ben Bussey suggested his c find their favorite bartender’s Venmo name and send him a virtual tip – about what they would have given them if they’d been at The Blind Tiger.

They found a spreadsheet on Holy City Sinner (hey, that's this site!) that Bussey's favorite bartender wasn’t on. Bussey then found a randomized tip app on ServiceIndustry.Tips, which made it impossible to find a particular bartender.

The next morning Bussey decided he and his team would build a directory where local bartenders could put in their information and people who were staying at home and having a few cocktails could still take care of their beloved bartenders.

Over the weekend they created “Tips In The Jar” and pushed it out on Saturday to a few bartenders they knew. Bussey describes Tips In The Jar as "a project that is built and completely funded as a showing of love and solidarity for our bartenders in Charleston...There is no money changing hands and it is simply a free directory so people who chose to can find and tip their favorite bartenders."

You can visit "Tips In The Jar" by clicking here.


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