Charleston's Cross Connecting Network Raising Money for Pakistanis in Need

Press Release

Thousands of Pakistani Christians are facing severe hunger and possible starvation as a result of overwhelmed governmental and social agencies not being able to provide them with food in the midst of COVID-19. The Cross Connecting Network (CCN) founded by Charleston residents Sharon and Jerry Miner, in partnership with The Association of Related Churches (ARC) has established connections with more than 1,100 church leaders from every denomination and every province in Pakistan. This network has the tremendous ability to effectively distribute food quickly to those in desperate need, but are lacking the funding to do so. CCN has launched a generosity movement to help reach these marginalized families and fast. 

The "Five & Two" campaign asks people to give a small gift of $5 - enough to feed one person for one week - and share the movement with two friends. "Five & Two" reminds us that Jesus once took a little boy’s offering of five loaves and two fish and turned it into a feast for 5,000. Let’s do this together: give a little, share a lot, feed thousands.

To Donate $5, click the link below or text "5&2" to 202-858-1233:

You can also follow them on social media at @FiveandTwoPakistan on Facebook and Instagram.

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