SC Historical Society Museum Offers FREE Weekly Activities for Distance Learning

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The South Carolina Historical Society Museum has great news for parents who are looking for free, educational activities for kids while schools are closed due to COVD19.

The museum has developed free, hands-on activities and lessons that make learning state history fun. As the only museum in South Carolina to showcase the history of the entire state, the lessons will span all of South Carolina, from the "Upcountry" (now called the Upstate) to the midlands to the Lowcountry. All content is developed by teachers and publishes weekly on the museum's Facebook, Instagram, and the SCHS from Home website.

Each week will have a different theme pertaining to South Carolina's history. From the comfort of home, kids can learn about fun topics like:
And in the coming weeks, kids can look forward to lessons like:
  • Communication throughout S.C. History: How did people communicate in Colonial South Carolina? Learn about writing with Quills, check out 100-year-old letters from our ancestors, and write your own letter to send to relatives.
  • Arts and Culture: Learn more about famous South Carolina artists like watercolor painter Alice Ravenel Huger Smith, and create your own artwork at home.
  • And you can search #MuseumFromHome on social media to find more activities from museums around the world!

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