Patriots Point Encourages Use of Education Tools Provided To 5th Graders

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Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum encourages 5th grade students across South Carolina to continue reading its history and science readers that were issued to public schools at the start of the school year. The museum’s self-published books Harry I Was and Oscar’s Adventure each contain lessons that use augmented reality to link to online learning tools.

The standard-based online content is accessed through the use of Zappar, a free-to-download app for smartphones and tablet. Despite the museum being closed, Patriots Point's education department plans to continue adding new content online for students to use.

"We play a large part in supporting public schools throughout the state, especially when it comes to developing E-Learning resources," said Patriots Point's Education Director Keith Grybowski.  "It's important for us to continue to offer these learning tools to students and parents while our schools are closed because of the Coronavirus."

More than 65,000 sets of the history and science readers were distributed among every 5th grade classroom in the South Carolina public school system. The books were written and published by the museum.

While reading Oscar’s Adventure, students follow a water molecule on a wild ride across South Carolina traveling the state’s waterways. Along the way, they learn facts about different regions that make up the state. They also learn about ecosystems, force and motion.

In the history reader Harry I Was, students follow a fictional character named Harry Smith throughout different periods of time to learn about American History. Topics include the Civil War, Reconstruction, both World Wars, the Great Depression, Cold War and Space Race.

Parents and students can visit www.patriotspointblendedlearning.com for more information and to learn how to use the materials that were provided to them.

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