"Focus on Fabulous" Offering Sunshine on Our Gloomy Days

Michelle Bryant Griffin, owner of Focus on Fabulous, on Friday announced that they are offering a new way to bring sunshine and encouragement to these current gloomy days. 

Griffin says the magazine:

  • Celebrates and showcases real women & their amazing stories, strengths, and successes
  • Focuses on what is good, beautiful, and lovely around us
  • Provides relatable, encouraging content to the world

Focus on Fabulous is currently offer a special "BE POSITIVE promotion" where you can get $5 off a year subscription and free shipping. For more information visit www.fofmagazine.com.

About Focus on Fabulous

Focus on Fabulous is a creative company with products and services that globally inspire and encourage. Through our podcast of the same name on ten different platforms and our quarterly digital and print publication that provides positive content to our readers as well as offer businesses a non-traditional bridge of exposure to the clients who need them, we proudly feature powerful stories, vibrant photography and high-quality relatable content beautifully packaged and ready to make a global impact.

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