Stefanie Potter Brings You Behind the Music to Show "Connection Brings Healing"

Local singer-songwriter Stefanie Potter's “Behind the Music” video (below) highlights an important message for these times: "Connection brings healing." While Covid-19 has the world staying more physically distant than normal, Potter’s music reminds us that connection is essential in promoting wellness. Stefanie has a background in social work.

She consistently sees research pointing to connection as an essential part of therapeutic approaches of a wide variety of mental health issues, many of which may be heightened in this difficult time. This understanding informs her approach to music. Connection is the main theme behind her recent release, the Eden’s Embrace EP.

"As a folk/soul artist embraces influences from different cultures, the resulting music demonstrates the beauty of coming together," Potter said. "Lyrical storytelling guides a journey through the wilderness, where love makes all the difference."

The EP is available on her website and everywhere music is sold.

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