Cane Rhum Bar will Not Reopen on East Bay Street

Cane Rhum Bar on Thursday announced on social media that the business would not reopen on East Bay Street following the coronavirus-related shutdown. However, the bar's Facebook post left open the possibility that they may return at another location.

Cane's Facebook page said, in part:

On March 20th, after a quick speech and a few short drinks - the team at Cane closed its doors on East Bay St for what we now realise will be the last time.

We hoped to open up again - but now it looks more like we are looking for a new home!

Where will Cane land when the storm subsides? Where do YOU think we should open?

The entire crew at Cane wants to thank everyone who helped make this place a reality. We have made so many new friends at the Rhum bar and there are so many people to thank and mention for their help, advice, support, friendship, co-operation, guidance and re-direction - it would be impossible to list everyone & I’m scared that we may forget someone, so apologies in advance."

For more detailed information, check out the Post & Courier's coverage here.

Cane Rhum Bar was located at 251 E Bay Street in the former home Big John's Tavern. It opened on August 2nd, 2016.



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