Trident United Way Sets Fundraising Record for COVID-19 Response

In just two months, generous donors to Trident United Way have raised more for one single event than any other in its 75-year history.

Donations to the Trident United Way COVID-19 Response Fund are now $425,000 which includes 20 foundation or corporate gifts, 38 leadership donors (more than $1,000) and 205 additional donors. Trident United Way also matched the first $50,000.

The previous record for a single emergency relief fund was in October 2015 for the “1,000-year flood.” Over a four-day period, some parts of the Charleston area reported more than 2 feet of rain. Trident United Way raised $401,000 for response efforts.

“Whether it’s been a hurricane, flood or other economic disaster, Trident United Way has been here for our community,” Chloe Knight Tonney, Trident United Way president and CEO, said. “The negative economic effects of COVID-19 will unfortunately be with us for some time. We are grateful to our individual, foundation and corporate donors who have stepped up to answer this historic challenge. Their help will continue to be needed as this challenge continues.”

While the COVID-19 response figure is impressive, the reality is economic needs continue to increase. Requests to the COVID-19 Response Fund have now topped $584,000, with money sent to 23 agencies now up to $332,000 over six phases. Click here to donate.

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