Bedroom Design Ideas for New Homeowners

We spend most of our time in the bedroom, so it should be as practical and as beautiful as possible. Your bedroom should be your favorite spot at home, considering that it's the only place where you get to be yourself. For new homeowners, finding the right design to incorporate into their homes can be troublesome.

Let's look at some tips and tricks from Clean Zen that will help you create a stunning bedroom.

1. Have a Seating Spot

A seating area blends well both in a small or large bedroom. Place two comfortable armchairs or a loveseat beside the bed and couple it with a small table. You will have a seating spot where you can read, chat or relax by yourself or with your partner.

2. Create a Space Illusion

In case you have a small bedroom, you might want to create an illusion of space. You can achieve this by hanging some drapery close to the ceiling; the illusion shifts someone's focus to the ceiling. The space illusion is a modern practice, and it would be effective in a small bedroom since your eyes will not be distracted by the numerous colors in the room.

3. Have a Temperature Regulator

Some people lack enough sleep due to uncomfortable temperatures. Minimal air circulation, body chills, and night sweats are some of the temperature factors that might deprive you of your new home's sleep. You want to sleep comfortably in that new home; therefore, it would be advisable to have a temperature regulator on standby. A temperature regulator, particularly a Bedjet, will automatically control temperatures in your bed. It would be prudent to review a few temperature controllers here before you purchase one. Besides, a temperature controller can be used at any time of the year, unlike the traditional fans or electric blankets that are only suited for the cold seasons.

4. Pick Accents That Add Color

The bedroom color is a significant factor to consider. Some people make the mistake of having an all-white room, assuming that it would be calming. Well, consider picking some cool colors such as gray or blue as opposed to the warmer tones. If you are an enthusiast of white color, try blending it with black; it will create a good foundation where you can layer a different color. You can also go for neutral colors such as cream or brown that bring in glamour to the room. When combined with curved lines, luxurious accessories, and some attractive accents, you will have a stunning bedroom. Besides, try making the room appear happier by adding some pops of color!

5. Have Some More Light in the Room

Some people prefer a crisp pale shade while others fancy a moody hue, despite your preference, consider adding more light sources in the bedroom to prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic. Look for some decorative lamps such as a chandelier or a pendant, some floor lamps and bedside table lamps. Besides, some reading sconces might add to the bedroom ambiance.

6. Remove the Clutter

As a new homeowner, you might be tempted to purchase excess stuff that you don't need; then you end up stuffing your bedroom. The best accessories in the world won’t make any difference if your room is crowded. Therefore, keep the bedroom clean and tidy and only place the necessary accessories.

7. Have Some Mounted Lights

Most new homeowners tend to pick floor lamps and table lamps when decorating their bedrooms. Well, the lights tend to take up much of your space, leaving your bedroom congested. Instead, it would be advisable to have an elegant sconce that you hang above the bed or on any other spot in the room if you love dancing and partying.

8. Your Bed Should be Used for Other Activities

During the night hours, your mattress should be your resting spot; you should buy the most comfortable mattress because it helps you with better relaxation and good sleep, If you want to buy a mattress then here some best mattress deals for you. However, during the day, you can arrange some pillows against the wall, making your bed a lounging spot where you can work with your laptop. In case you have extra space, try placing a coffee table that blends well with the room setup.

9. Have Dual Wield Alarms

The alarm clock is also a part of the bedroom design. Have a dual wield alarm that can be set to be quiet when waking you up, and it can be loud the rest of the day. No one wants a loud alarm clock to awaken them; therefore, consider purchasing the dual wield alarm clock.

Adjusting to a new home should not be a problem considering that the above design ideas will help you settle quickly. Consider employing one of the above designs and transform your bedroom to that chilling spot you have dreamt about your entire life!

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