Psychological Tricks That Will Make Her Like You

Liking someone is as easy as an apple falling from a tree, but making that someone like you back could be a bit more challenging. Especially if the attraction is initially absent or not as intense, it would require you to employ certain tricks to nudge their feelings and make them more inclined to like you. There are things you can do Psychologically to pique her interest and make her mirror the same feelings you have.


There is an emphasis on the world of women on the importance of eye contact, especially when meeting someone new or talking to a person closely. Aside from showing that you are paying attention to her when she is talking or doing something with a consistent gaze, you can also do the trick of looking at her lips. By doing this, you give off a signal of being interested in her and you are not just there for a friendly chat. Look at her in the eyes and lips from time to time and make her feel that you see right through her.


Touch is a very powerful thing because of how well you can connect two individuals. It is one way to make you feel closer to her and it can cause a rush of emotions in a girl. Although this should be done reservedly because it can also send the wrong signal particularly to more conservative girls. You can give an initial pat or nudge, especially when she laughs, but does not do it again if they show any sign of discomfort or awkwardness. When she returns the gesture, it could mean that they are more comfortable around you.

Body Language

Your body language speaks volumes about you and what your intentions are. Whenever you are talking to a girl, make a more open stance, and avoid turning your back from them. Body language is very potent, as emphasized by a dating skills masters' guide because of how it can send signals unconsciously to a woman. As much as possible, always face their direction and motion and turn your head toward her whenever you are laughing or talking. Your action should cause a reaction from a girl in order to strengthen a connection between you.


Girls would want your attention and it can be extremely gratifying for them if you give it, but do not give too much of it. Once it has gratified their ego, they can get bored of it easily. Sometimes, girls feel a more intense feeling when they feel like the initial attention is not the same anymore so they work for it. It can cause them to do something to get it back so if this happens, it is more likely a winning situation for you. This can be tricky because a girl might think that you are not interested so they ignore you back. You have to first establish your interest, then make simpler cues later. Remember that some girls can be turned off by someone who seems desperate for a date.

Make Her Talk and Laugh

Making someone you like laugh can affect you more as it can cause feelings of fulfillment once you make her react that way. Make a girl talk about herself by asking questions that are meaningful but not too personal. It can make them feel that you are interested in them. Avoid talking so much about yourself because you might sound too much about yourself and this is a big turn off. Share interesting stories to make her laugh. When a girl is happy, they feel good about themselves and they tend to get attracted to people who make them feel this way.


Giving the occasional compliment verbally will truly empower a girl. Give her genuine compliments about her hair, clothing, or personality but not too much. A few words are enough to make her feel appreciated for her effort of dressing up for that particular day. Say it in a sincere and straightforward manner to have a greater effect. It can be as simple as saying that her hair looks nice or the color of her dress suits her. These are very assuring, especially if a girl is conscious about her looks.

Making someone you like to give the same feeling is both nerve-wracking and exciting. It can help you realize your feelings about her more while also trying to earn hers. More than being a success, it could lead to potential partnerships in the future, so it will be worth it as long as you know the right things to say and do.

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