Local Musicians Partner To Release "A Time for Change"

A group of local musicians - led by singer and violinist Seth G. - recently released a new song and music video called "A Time for Change." The track was created in response to the May 31st protests against police violence that late that night resulted in property damage along King Street.

Featured musicians include Charlton Singleton of Ranky Tanky, singer-songwriter Emily Curtis, Joel Chinloy of The Midnight City Band, cellist Anna Mathias, Mary Gilmore, David Higgins, violinist Daniel D., Tim Davis of One Kool Blow, guitarist Will Rayan, trombonist Huck Tim, and violinist Eric Stanley. The song was mastered by Calculations Of.

You can watch the video below. The song is also available to stream on Spotify.


A Time For Change from Seth G. on Vimeo.

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