Geechie Boy Mill Announces They Will Change the Name of Company

Geechie Boy Mill today announced that they have decided to change its name.

“We have taken the first steps in the process to make this change," owners Betsy and Greg Johnsman said. "What will not change is our commitment to providing the highest quality products to our customers."

When their family acquired the market and business in 2003 they kept the name intact. They sold fresh produce and other products and eventually added their little red 1945 mill to the market to grind grits. Now 17 years later one mill has become several and what was a little roadside vegetable stand provides heirloom grains of all kinds to customers all over the country.

As they continue to grow their business, they want their name to represent them without causing harm or discomfort to anyone.

“We appreciate all of the concern we have received recently, and we have taken it to heart," the owners said. "Once all the legal requirements are met and the paperwork is complete, we will announce our new name. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition."

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