Lowcountry Rapid Transit Asks Kids to Design Their Own Transit Station

The Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LRT) project team is offering a creative opportunity for elementary-school-aged children and younger – a station design activity!

LRT is asking our region’s youth to design and/or create their very own concepts for bus rapid transit stations. This activity is meant to be a fun, engaging activity for children as they begin their socially-distanced summer break. The group says they don’t want to put any limitations on this activity – if the children want buses to be airplanes or stations to have elevators, that’s okay! It’s not about technical accuracy, it’s about creativity and fun.

They will be posting all of the designs on their project website, lowcountryrapidtransit.com, later this summer. Any and all submissions are welcome and should be sent to [email protected] by Friday, July 17th.

Let your kids know that anything goes! Legos, pasta, Minecraft, watercolor – the materials and design are entirely up to them!

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