Mike Lindell's Life An Open Book In 'What Are The Odds?'

Creator Of My Pillow Struggled With Addictions & Demons 

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Much like famed escape artist Harry Houdini and motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel, television pitchman Mike Lindell escaped death more times than he one man should. As the face and creator of My Pillow, Lindell should have easily been dead before age 30.

Hooked on alcohol, cocaine, and crack cocaine, Lindell cheated death by escaping automobile and motorcycle accidents, as well as a time his parachute malfunctioned during a skydive. On top of all of that Lindell was a career gambler, an addiction that took hold of him before he graduated high school.

After losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, his home, two marriages, and distancing himself from his children, Lindell still managed to stay one step ahead of bookies, and less than friendly debt collectors aka henchmen. Little did he realize that while he was spinning out of control for over 30 years, God had His watchful eye on Mike Lindell.

His humble yet upbeat persona may be all television viewers recognize now, but for many years including the time he first launched My Pillow Lindell was still chasing his demons. In his first ever autobiography 'What Are The Odds?' subtitled 'From Crack Addict To CEO', Lindell leaves no stone unturned, as he candidly chronicles his downward spiral over three decades.

Aside from gambling losses and near death always hanging in the balance, Lindell looks back on his life, wondering what are the odds he survived such tragic events. Unaware of God's master plan for his life, Lindell through family members and additional prayer warriors found salvation through Jesus Christ, and slowly Lindell's outlook changed.

Through divine intervention Lindell was able to overcome his addictions, while God continued to bless My Pillow, ultimately allowing Lindell to form the Lindell Foundation (2017), a faith-based organization originally started to help addicts and MyPillow employees. The foundation was later renamed the Lindell Recovery Network, bringing hope, recovery, and mentorship to those struggling with drug addictions.

'What Are The Odds?' is less of a rags to riches story, rather it is a compelling story of how if you gamble with the devil you always lose, but if God holds all your cards, you will always come out with a winning hand. Mike Lindell's journey takes him to hell and back, while delivering for the reader, one intensely riveting life story of a man who has built one of America's most recognizable brands.

'What Are The Odds' is life changing and eye opening'. A galvanizing memoir from one of the most noticeable faces in America, spread over 325 pages with Mike's own personal photos included. I strongly suggest suggest picking up a copy at your local book store or thru online book sellers.

'For the best autobiography in the whole wide world (playing off a Mike's catchphrase), visit' https://www.mypillow.com/mikelindellbook

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