Hunter Schimpff Officially Announces Run for Charleston County School Board

Press Release

Hunter Schimpff has announced that he is running for a West Ashley seat on the Charleston School Board. Schimpff started his educational career as a high school math teacher, earned a Master’s degree in Education Policy from Vanderbilt University, has served as a public-school district administrator, and is the parent of a current Charleston County public school student. Schimpff currently serves as the Director of Finance for a national nonprofit that provides leadership training for public schools and schools of choice. 

On his run, Schimpff stated “I’m running because every child in Charleston should have access to a high-quality public school. We’re a long way off from that reality with our public schools and I’m going to work hard every day if elected to change that by supporting our students, teachers, and families.”

Schimpff continued, “If we speak honestly about the state of our public schools in Charleston, many students from low-income families and students of color are being left far behind and our public schools are also not meeting the needs of many middle-class families. Many of our students with disabilities are also being ignored. I hear of far too many families that frequently fight bureaucracy and red tape just to ensure that their student’s basic service requirements under federal law are being met. The state of our current public-school system is simply unacceptable for many students and teachers, and I won’t sit by idly in a community that I love and watch this continue. We must be focused on providing excellent and equitable educational opportunities, way beyond the “minimally adequate” way of providing education that we’ve been doing for far too many years in Charleston and South Carolina.”

Schimpff is committed to bringing his experience as an educator, his background in finance, and a sense of urgency to the Charleston School Board to improve the public schools in Charleston. Schimpff will be on the November 3rd ballot and all Charleston County voters will have the opportunity to vote on his West Ashley seat. Additionally, Schimpff has committed to taking no PAC or special interest money during his campaign.

You can learn more about Schimpff at www.HunterforCCSD.com.

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