Vice President Mike Pence to Appear with Nancy Mace Today at The Citadel

Credit: Nancy Mace (Facebook)

Vice President Mike Pence and S.C. Representative Nancy Mace today will address a private, limited capacity event with campaign supporters at The Citadel at 5 pm. This is their second joint appearance at the school.

The Mace campaign says strict mask and social distancing protocols will be followed.

“I am deeply humbled to be back at The Citadel, standing alongside the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence," Representative Nancy Mace said. "My life is a series of second chances. This is a remarkable moment for young women across the Lowcountry who wish to serve their communities. We can be anything when we set our mind to it and work hard to get there. No one will work harder than I will for the Lowcountry. I grew up here, I’m raising my family here and have always strived to provide a truly independent voice for the Lowcountry.”

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